Zindagi Unlimited

Jag Kaur Takhar

On this episode of Zindagi Unlimited, with host, Manpreet Sahota, we have, Jag Kaur Takhar, a warrior who battled and won her fight against cancer.

Sukhdeep Singh Chakria

“I am hungry. I want to be the best and I will work harder than yesterday to get there.” 29-Year-old fighter, Sukhdeep Singh Chakria, is the new Canadian Middleweight Champion 2022. He grew up in a village in Chakar, Punjab, hailing from an endless generations of farmers in Panjab.

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu

Mandeep Kaur Sidhu’s unique vision translated into her full-service IT firm. She operates from Tangra, a village in Amritsar district, and has created an eco-system of jobs and of boosting the local economy. A TEDx speaker and an investor in people, Mandeep has faced her share of challenges and brickbats. However, she has emerged stronger against every obstacle. In this edition of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota and Mandeep Sidhu unveil what keeps Mandeep going.

Roshni (08/23/2021)

Dr Deep Saini

Dr Deep Saini, President and Vice Chancellor, Dalhousie University has an illustrious career spread across three continents. In this edition of Zindagi Unlimited, this unique Punjabi talks about his origins, influences, learnings, and philosophy.

Roshni (07/26/2021)


What does coming out as ‘gay’ mean for a village-born Punjabi? Anupam discusses the challenges, his philosophy of ‘living and letting live,’ and Punjabi society’s culture of shame around being ‘different’. As part of the ‘Desi Rainbow’ endeavor, he highlights the importance of empathetic listening and acceptance by parents and families of LGBTQ2S people. In this edition of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota and Anupam navigate the conversations around different sexualities.

Roshni (06/28/2021)

Dr Amanpreet Brar

Known for her advocacy across causes, Dr Amanpreet Brar speaks for and to her community about issues concerning them. Now training as a surgeon, Dr Brar shares her life journey and struggles, her motivation, and her poetry with Manpreet Sahota in this episode of Zindagi Unlimited.

Nodeep Kaur

25-year old labour rights activist Nodeep Kaur was arrested in January 2021 for raising her voice in favour of factory workers. Nodeep’s detention made global headlines. In this episode of Zindagi Unlimited, Manpreet Sahota explores the making of this fearless activist.

Harman Sidhu

A road accident at the age of 26 left him confined to a wheelchair. This inspired Harman Sidhu to create awareness around road safety through his NGO Arrive SAFE. On this episode of Zindagi Unlimited, 51-year-young Harman Sidhu speaks with Manpreet Sahota about changes he continues to impact.

Gurmeet Kaur

‘Bata’n wali’ Gurmeet Kaur has made it her life’s mission to write stories – for children and for adults. She has re-told Fascinating Folktales of Punjab in three scripts and two languages. Now with her latest biographical account of the life and death of S. Jaswant Singh Khalra, she is documenting history for future generations. Host Manpreet Sahota engages with Gurmeet on what keeps her going.

Dr. Varinderpal Singh

Dr. Varinderpal Singh, a prominent soil scientist from PAU, has become an icon of resistance in the Kisan Morcha. His polite and simple action of refusing to accept an award and a medal from Indian government has earned him extraordinary respect all across the world. Dr Varinderpal Singh shares his life-philosophy and ideas on Zindagi Unlimited with host Manpreet Sahota.

Sukhjit Singh

A career strategist who focuses on community development, settlement and Integration, Sukhjit Singh Ahluwalia has become the go-to person for most South Asian immigrants and international students in Toronto. In this episode of Zindagi Unlimited, Sukhjit Singh Ahluwalia speaks about his journey from Kapurthala to Canada, his learnings along the way and how he truly understood the essence of success!

Harnarayan Singh

Rightly titled ‘One Game At A Time’, Harnarayan Singh has turned his obsession and passion into profession! Known for his energetic and enthusiastic commentary, ‘Ice Singh’ as he is popularly called, has brought together Ice Hockey and Punjabi Community – an unlikely duo . On the tenth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota speaks with Harnarayan Singh about his childhood, his bond with Hockey and some fun words he uses in his play-by-play.

Amarjot Sandhu

From an international student in Canada to being elected as the Member of Provincial Parliament at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Amarjot Sandhu is an ambitious leader. On the ninth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota speaks with this young achiever about his life and the various challenges it threw at him.

Raheel Raza

President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, founding member of The Muslim Reform Movement, Director of Forum for Learning, author of the book Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, Raheel Raza dons many hats effortlessly. On the eighth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota speaks with this award winning journalist, public speaker, advocate for human rights, gender equality and dignity in diversity on a range of issues facing South Asians in Canada.

Gurbax Singh Malhi

Malhi made waves as the first turban-wearing Sikh to be elected to the House of Commons of Canada or any national legislature in the western world in the year 1993. As MP from Malton-Gore-Bramalea riding, Gurbax Malhi took the voice of the people to Ottawa for six consecutive terms. He is the recipient of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal for his commitment and contributions to Canadian society. On the seventh episode of Zindagi Unlimited with host Manpreet Sahota, Gurbax Singh Malhi looks back at his personal and political life journey from Chuggha Kalan to Canada.

Turbo-Cop Baltej Singh Dhillon

Baltej Singh Dhillon has fought long and hard to wear his beard and turban while serving in the RCMP. He is the Turbo-Cop trailblazer, yet he refuses to be compartmentalized as a role-model. On the sixth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, Manpreet Sahota asks Dhillon what he would like to be remembered as.

Golden Girl Rajbir Kaur

Former Hockey India captain and recipient of the Arjuna Award, Rajbir Kaur Rai has experienced life through struggle, uncertainty, hope and success. On the fifth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, this Indian sportsperson shares why the decline of sports in Punjab pains her.

Didar Singh Pardesi

He came, he sang, and he conquered the hearts of Punjabi music lovers. Didar Singh Pardesi, in his dastar and signature kitenge shirt, is popular for singing modern and traditional songs in his velvety voice. On the fourth episode of Zindagi Unlimited, this soulful singer shares his life journey and philosophy with host Manpreet Sahota.

Gurdeep Pandher

Unifying Canada through the power of Bhangra, and using every teachable moment to let the world know who Punjabis are, Gurdeep Pandher believes in building bridges. On the third episode of Zindagi Unlimited, host Manpreet Sahota has a ‘soul satisfying’ conversation with this Sardar you see dancing Bhangra in the wilds of Canada, on the banks of rivers and atop Canadian snows.

Amritpal Kaur

Electrical Engineer from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College in Ludhiana, Teacher and a Mountaineer. On the second episode of Zindagi Unlimited, Amritpal Kaur speaks about her journey, why she chose the mountains and how age is just a number!

Pardeep Singh Nagra

Historian, sportsperson, activist and advocate. In 1999, he was the Ontario flyweight amateur boxing champion but was barred from fighting because of his beard. On the first episode of Zindagi Unlimited, Pardeep Singh Nagra speaks about his journey, what keeps him motivated and how he has managed to successfully don so many hats.