Statement by Minister Hussen on Hindu Heritage Month

This November 1 marks Canada’s first official Hindu Heritage Month, a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the many outstanding contributions that Canadians of Hindu heritage continue to make to building a strong and prosperous country.

Canada is the proud home to nearly 830,000 Canadians of Hindu heritage, and no matter where you are in this country, the positive impact of the community can be seen in all aspects of our society. From politics to art, business to medicine, and everything in between, Canadians of Hindu heritage are at the forefront of our continued growth and development.

Canada has for the first time officially celebrated November as its national Hindu Heritage Month. (Twitter/@AryaCanada)

As Canadians take this month to celebrate the richness of Hindu culture and the many accomplishments of the community, let us also reaffirm our enduring commitment to building a country that is more equitable, fairer, and just for everyone.

To communities near and far, happy Hindu Heritage Month!