The Show of Life with Jatinder Gidda

Bachpan de Vaham

Everyone’s childhood is riddled with false notions and misconceptions in some form or the other. Jatinder Gidda asks listener to share stories of their ‘bachpan de vaham’.

Samundron Paar (10/16/2021)

‘Ikk Jism Do Jamme’ by Gulzar Singh Sandhu

Jatinder Gidda narrates a short story penned by Gulzar Singh Sandhu titled ‘Ikk Jism Do Jamme’.

Samundron Paar (10/02/2021)

Competing With Oneself

Jatinder Gidda asks RED FM listeners to share how they compete with their own selves and improvise their skills and personality on a day-to-day basis.

Samundron Paar (09/11/2021)

‘Pension’ by Gulzar Singh Sandhu

In this episode of Samundron Paar, Jatinder Gidda narrates a story titled ‘Pension’ by Gulzar Singh Sandhu.

Samundron Paar (09/18/2021)

Zindagi Di Rasam

In this episode of Samundron Paar, Jatinder Gidda asks RED FM listeners to share some of the self-established life rituals, based on their personal experience, that have helped them live better.

Samundron Paar (09/04/2021)

Lotte Wala Chacha – a Story on Indo-Pak Bonding

Jatinder Gidda narrates a story that reflects the bond shared by Indo-Pak writers in this story ‘Lotte Wala Chacha’ penned by a very popular Punjabi author Waryam Singh Sandhu.

Swera (08/14/2021)

Apni Maa – a Story by Waryam Singh Sandhu

Jatinder Gidda narrates an emotional story ‘Apni Maa’ penned by a very popular Punjabi author Waryam Singh Sandhu.

Samundron Paar (08/07/2021)

Likhtum Jang Bahadar Singh

Jatinder Gidda reads another letter in this special segment Likhtum Jang Bahadar Singh.

Swera (08/07/2021)

Coffee di Kahaani

Jatinder Gidda shares a story inspired from reality with a strong moral – Coffee di Kahaani.

SamuSwera (08/07/2021)

The Big Question: Yes or No?

Did you ever have any afterthoughts after responding to a yes or no question? Have you ever wondered what if you had chosen ‘No’ instead of ‘Yes’ and vice versa? Jatinder Gidda takes RED FM listeners on an introspective ride regarding the big question of life: Yes or No!

Samundron Paar (07/17/2021)

Maa Di Daulat

Jatinder Gidda narrates a very emotional story penned by Nanak Singh titled ‘Maa Di Daulat’.

Samundron Paar (07/17/2021)

Thaat Baath Wali Zindagi

In this episode of Swera, Jatinder Gidda discusses the transitions of a luxurious lifestyle or ‘Thaat Baath’ wali zindagi.

Swera (07/17/2021)

Dharti Hethla Baulad | ਧਰਤੀ ਹੇਠਲਾ ਬੌਲਦ  | Kulwant Singh Virk

Jatinder Gidda narrates an emotional story titled ‘Dharti Hethla Baulad’ (ਧਰਤੀ ਹੇਠਲਾ ਬੌਲਦ) penned by the very famous Punjabi author Kulwant Singh Virk.

Samundron Paar (05/22/2021)

What’s Your Next Step in Life?

People make short term plans to meet their long-term goals. However, in this episode of Samundron Paar, Jatinder Gidda compels listeners to share details about their immediate next step.

Samundron Paar (04/17/2021)

Interview: Singer Maninder Shinda

Jatinder Gidda speaks with renowned Punjabi singer Maninder Shinda about his journey and passion.

Samundron Paar (04/17/2021)

Narration: Toba Tek Singh

Jatinder Gidda narrates Toba Tek Singh – a short story penned by Saadat Hasan Manto and published in 1955. The story is about inmates in a Lahore asylum, some of whom are to be transferred to India following the 1947 Partition.

Samundron Paar (04/17/2021)

A Budding Entrepreneur: Pawan Singh

Pawan Singh arrived in Canada in 2015 and struggled with survival jobs for more than a year before finding the ‘right’ job. However, he was laid off at the start of the pandemic. He turned this setback into an opportunity and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. This led to the birth of Sani Amigo, meaning a friend for your sanitizing needs. The product is now in prototype ready stage with tooling underway and has been launched on a crowdfunding platform.

Samundron Paar (04/03/2021)

Artist Interview: Dilshad Sidhu

A young, upcoming singer – Dilshad Sidhu – with background in classical, ghazal and folk music speaks with Jatinder Gidda about his life and journey.

The Journey of an International Student and a Passionate Singer

An international student in Canada and a passionate singer, Avinash Kumar shares more about his journey on the segment ‘Ikk shakhsh mere shehar da’ with Jatinder Gidda.

An Interview with a Young Folk Singer

On the weekend show Samundron Paar, Jatinder Gidda engages in a soulful conversation with Meet Sandhu who is an outstanding folk singer.

Ek Shaks Mere Sheher Da: Jind

In the segment ‘Ek Shaks Mere Sheher Da’, Jatinder Gidda speaks with singer-writer Jind who is popularly known for his song based on the memory of Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, the ‘trailblazer’ Sikh, sheriff’s deputy in the US who was killed on duty. Deputy Dhaliwal made history as the first Sikh to become a sheriff’s deputy in Texas’s Harris County.

Samundron Paar (11/07/2020)

Movember: Let’s Talk Men’s Health

The month of November, touted as Movember, is aimed at raising awareness about men’s mental and physical health. In an interview with Jatinder Gidda, Sumit Rai, Mental Health Case Manager, PCHS speaks about men’s mental health with special emphasis on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, men’s suicide, and hyper masculinity.

Let’s Count Our Blessings!

How often do we count our blessings? Host Jatinder Gidda asks us to pause and ponder about things that we should be thankful for.

Extra Marital Affair – The Hidden Reality

Extra marital affairs is the silent, often hidden reality of our society. Seema Venkayala, Case Manager, Punjabi Community Health Services speaks with Jatinder Gidda about the impact of extra marital affairs on families and spouses who are being cheated on.

Moments That Makes You Smile!

Host Jatinder Gidda asks listeners to take a drive down the nostalgic road and share those moments that makes them smile even today.

Power of Practice

Host Jatinder Gidda asks listeners if we have forgotten the power of practice in the quest for overnight success and explains why we need to embrace the ‘stop-thinking-start-doing’ mantra.

Kids Corner

On Samundron Paar, host Jatinder Gidda speaks with our children listeners on topics ranging from stay at home plans, future goals and more.

Dr Sukhdev on battling COVID-19

On Samundron Paar with host Jatinder Gidda, Dr. Sukhdev Singh speaks about how to stay strong physically and mentally during an unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak.