Unforgettable Tera Pyar | En Karma


Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2019 – a song just for those reminiscing about a love gone by and unfortunate Karma that comes with heartbreak.  It’s about time there was a special song for this category of lovers and hopeless romantics.

Like they say – it’s better to have loved and lost , then to have never loved at all.

Unforgettable (Tera Pyar) is the latest release by Vancouver based, En Karma.


The band is available for interviews and appearances to share their journey of music, different kinds of songs they do for their fans and upcoming tour dates.


The band is so one of a kind, that they are the only active Bhangra band on the mainstream circuit. Best known for their electrifying performances with the beats of Bhangra, their style and sound has been undeniable on the dance floors across the local and international music scene for over a decade.

A true dedication of their love for the drum and dhol.

Bhangra is one of the most recognized styles of music and dance anywhere you go in the world.  En Karma – is a name associated with this sound and movement in North America. With their roots firmly planted in Canada, India and the UK – En Karma has branched out to reach fans around the world and dominate the Canadian World music scene for over a decade.

En Karma consists of Nick Chowlia on keys, Pip Dhaliwal on drums, Karmvir Cooner on dhol and Inder Kooner, the bands lead vocalist. (pictured/names at end)

Together they have released three albums with the latest release of Tera Pyar in time for Valentine’s Day 2019.


All media inquiries for interviews, photos and/or videos, please contact:

KJ Media Group Phone/text: 778-846-6460 Email: kjmediagroup@gmail.co


  • En Karma is North America’s ONLY Bhangra band
  • En Karma is a distinct and unmatched commodity in the Bhangra industry as it is the only Punjabi band in North America
  • En Karma’s members are award winning musicians included being nominated for BritAsia awards.
  • The most memorable performances included the Canada 150 celebration in the province’s capital and their electrifying energy at the2010 Vancouver Olympics.
  • Drawing on their UK influences for live band arrangements and infused with their more contemporary influences in Vancouver, En Karma has created a unique Bhangra sound that is all their own.
  • They are the touring band for Jazzy B – the prince of Bhangra and Malkit Singh – the king of bhangra who made the prestigious Queen’s Honours List.
  • En Karma has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Bhangra industry over the years including Sharry Mann, Sarbjit Cheema, K.S. Makhan and HDhami.
  • Their debut album titled “En Karma” reached #1 on the iTunes World Music chart and featured the lead single Tohar Naal Jeena, and hosting artists such as  S. MakhanH Dhami, and Delhi2Dublin.
  • It was followed by the release of  “EnKarmafied” which reached #2 on the iTunes World Music charts featuring the singles Dil Naal Khedey & Tu Nach.
  • En Karma is one of the biggest names to dominate the dance floors at International Jazz Festivals, numerous Indian, Fusion and World Music festivals
  • It is a known fact that your feet will remember dancing for days after hearing and seeing En Karma live
  • All members of the En Karma band started off as friends and remain friends with a unique ability to flow like “good karma” on and off the stage
  • En Karma have been performing shows and festivals around North America to very mixed diversities and backgrounds since 2007
  • Canadian World Music and Bhangra ambassadors

For more – please visit www.enkarma.ca