Dil Bolay O’Canada

Happy 153rd Birthday Canada!!

This Canada Day RED FM will be playing “Dil Bolay O’Canada” to test how well you know your home and native land. Two callers will go head to head (Loonie vs Toonie) to answer questions about Canada, whichever caller gives the most correct answers will win $153.00.

Good luck & Happy Canada Day

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  2. Contest is open to all persons residing in Ontario who have reached the age of majority (19) with Canadian Government Issued Photo ID.
  3. RED FM Canada Day Contest will only be played Wednesday July 1st, 2020 only
  4. The RED FM host will play a cue to call to inform listeners when it is time for them to call in.
  5. The first two callers to call after the cue to call is played will have a chance to go head to head to try to win a $153.
  6. When the host reads out the question the first caller to call out their assigned name “Loonie or Toonie” will get a chance to play first. Whichever caller gives out the most correct answers will win the $153.00 If there is a tie, both callers will pick a number from 1-10 and then the computer will randomly choose a number as well. Whichever caller guesses the closest without going over will win $153.00
  7. Prize winners can only win once every 90 days. If a previous winner is found winning more than one time, they will be automatically disqualified.
  8. One winner per household
  9. Prize value: $153
  10. Prize is non-negotiable and cannot be exchanged for money.
  11. Prize winner must book an appointment with reception to claim the prize and must appear by themselves. The prize winner must also follow the safety precautions when entering the building and must claim the prize within 30 days of winning. The prize winner must provide Canadian Government issued photo identification when collecting the prize and the address on the government ID must match the address given at the time of winning.
  12. RED FM reserves the right to use contestant’s names, images and recorded media in any format for our own purposes indefinitely.
  13. RED FM is not responsible for any technical problems incurred during the course of the contest by the contestant, Red FM, sponsors or any participants.
  14. Contest rules may be subject to change at any time exclusively by Red FM