Bhangra Reel Contest


  1. Follow the Instagram account- summer bhangra jam and redfmtoronto
  2. Record a bhangra dance video 30 to 60 seconds long.  
  3. Share the video on your Instagram feed as a reel. 
  4. Use hashtag #summerbhangra jam and tag @summerbhangrajam in the caption. 


  1. Prize- One lucky winner will receive #3oo cash. 
  2. Entry- post a video of your best bhangra moves on your Instagram account.  
  3. Entry deadline – contest ends on 30th august, at 5pm ET.  
  4. Eligibility- open to all GTA residents who are 18 years or age or older, have a valid Canadian government ID and a valid Instagram account. 


  2. Contest is open to all GTA residents:
    1. 18 years of age or older 
    2. Have a valid Canadian Government ID 
    3. Have a valid Instagram account 
  3. The contest starts on August 19th and will run until August 30th, 2023, until 5 p.m. ET. This content is not affiliated with Instagram. 
  4. Contestants can only submit one entry per person or group. If a group entry is submitted only one person per group can submit the entry, and they must meet the eligibility criteria. 
  5. Your Bhangra video’s length must be between 30-60 seconds. 
  6. Those found entering more than once will be disqualified. 
  7. The winner of the $300 Cash Prize will berandomly chosen live at the Summer Bhangra Jam stage on September 2nd 2023. 
  8. Ten shortlisted entries will be chosen randomly from all eligible entries, and they will be sent a message in their inbox and will have only 24 hours to respond. Any shortlisted contestant that does not respond within 24 hours will be removed from the shortlist and then another random video will be selected. 
  9. All final shortlisted videos will then be entered into the Grand Prize $300 draw. The winner chosen from the shortlisted contestants need not be physically present on the day of the event to receive the cash prize. 
  10. We are aware of copycat Instagram accounts. This is our only account and the only account that will notify winners. Please do not give out any of your personal information to other accounts claiming to be coordinating with us. If in doubt, please feel free to call us and confirm. Please REPORT SPAM accounts.