16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence

Host, Manpreet Sahota is joined by Jaspreet Gill, Executive Director, York Region Center for Community Safety. In this segment, they talk about the financial cost of violence that we as individuals pay.

December 8

In this segment, host Manpreet Sahota is joined by Raman Hansra, Project Director, family services, Indus Community Services. They discuss why family dynamics need to change in order to promote equality in a relationship.

December 7

In this segment, host Manpreet Sahota is joined by Jaskiran Basion, Detective Constable, Peel Regional Police. Jaskiran takes us through the process that Peel Police follows in cases of intimate partner violence and the help and support that the victim gets in such cases. She also shares some data and problems specific to South-Asian communities.

December 1

Roshni show host, Manpreet Sahota narrates a poem, Aurat written by Ramashankar Vidrohi.

November 29

In this segment, host Manpreet Sahota, reads out a report compiled by Sukhwant Hundal on the cases of reported violence against Indo-Canadian women from 1972 to 2022.

November 28

Dealing with emotional, physical and mental harassments at workplaces can be a tricky situation. In this episode, host Manpreet Sahota is joined by physiotherapist, Manjinder Bindra, who shares different ways in which co-workers can bully and intimidate, and how to tackle these problems.

November 28