10 days of Christmas Cash Giveaway

This holiday season RED FM is giving away $2,500 in Christmas Cash

Tune in each weekday from Dec. 11th to the 22nd for your chance to win cash ranging from $50-$500 daily

When you hear the cue to call be the 9th caller through 905-790-5555 to play

Once you become the 9th caller you will then decide if you want to open one of the envelopes full of cash or if you want to transfer your envelope winnings to the Jackpot.

The jackpot will start at $1000 and will increase as callers give up their envelope winnings. The jackpot prize will be divided between all the total callers who transferred their envelope winnings on Dec. 22nd

Good luck & Happy Holidays!

Complete Contest Rules and Regulations:

  2. Contest is open to all persons residing in Ontario who have reached the age of majority (19) with Canadian Government Issued Photo ID.
  3. Contest will run on-air each weekday from Dec. 11th– 22nd 2023 
  4. One cue to call will be played daily at a random time to inform listeners when it’s time to call in to enter for the contest. The eligible 9th caller through at 905-790-5555 will play. The caller will decide if they want to open an envelope from the Christmas tree or if they want to transfer those winnings to the Jackpot.
  5. The Jackpot will begin at $1,000 and will increase as contestants transfer their winnings. On Dec.22nd the jackpot will be divided by all the contest winners who transferred their envelope winnings.
  6. The amount of the cash prize in the envelope will depend on how much is in the envelope. The lowest a listener can win is $50 with the highest daily cash prize is $500.
  7. A total of $2,500 cash will be given away from Dec. 11th– 22nd.
  8. Prize winners can only win once every 60 days. If a previous winner is found winning more than one time in 60 days, they will automatically be disqualified.
  9. RED FM reserves the right to use contestant’s names, images and recorded media in any format for our own purposes indefinitely.
  10. RED FM is not responsible for any technical problems incurred during the course of the contest by the contestant, Red FM, sponsors or any participants.
  11. Contest rules may be subject to change at any time exclusively by Red FM